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This site is no longer active. Please visit my new personal site (which includes the content of this old site): http://www.lesfleursdunormal.fr
HardBlog is a "hard" blog engine: it uses no database, no PHP, no CGI, and no JavaScript! For using HardBlog, you just need a webserver supporting HTML, and a mail box. HardBlog can also be used as a wiki or for a "list-of-projects-with-news" website.

HardBlog can deal with sites, topics and nested subtopics, news and comments (each of these "objects" being represented by the same class in the code!). HardBlog is also multi-user and multi-lingual.

HardBlog is composed of a Python script that generates "raw" HTML, from the messages in your mail box. Adding articles, topics or comments is done by sending mail. As a consequence, if you have an anti-spam system, it is automatically applied t the comments you may receive. And you keep a local copy of your blog every time!

HardBlog is probably not as "easy" to use that other blog engine, and it is currently not really devoted to be used everywhere. Currently, it is more a personal tool and a research area than a fully usable engine.

HardBlog, for blogs that last! With HardBlog, each technology is at its place! HardBlog does the best of web 2.0 with the technologies of web 0.0!
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