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- AIDS is over... long live to hypertension and diabetis!
- There's more than 30% AIDS victims in some African countries...
- Our laboratory is focusing on Europe and USA, mister Gnu. It's a good strategy, isn't it?
- I don't subscribe to the fan club.

AIDS drugs are not available in Africa. It's here they would be the most usefull, tough pharmaceutical industries and USA has decided differently...
So when a Gnu and a Penguin named Tux decide to take care of that, it will shake!

Medicine for Africa!, This is Slune's leitmotiv, a fun action game where races, pursuits, car crashing, and corrosive humour are all waiting for you! Slune is Free Software, under the GNU GPL license, and is a Nekeme Prod. game.

It requires : Other dependancies (The 3D engine Soya 3D, the network engine Py2Play and the user interface generation module EditObj) are included in the sources. In addition, a 3D card is heavily advised.
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Jiba, 20/08/05
Bugfix release, and now support SDL_Mixer in addition to OpenAL.
Jiba, 29/01/05
This version fixes a few bugs, and it is possible to play without installing (./run_without_install is back :-).
Jiba, 06/01/05
This version improve German and Norwegian Bokmal translations, and can use Psyco (if available) to improve the performance. with (and requires) Soya 0.9.
Jiba, 12/12/04
This version add Spanish translation (Thanks, Manuel!), improve english and swedish translation, and works with (and requires) Soya 0.9.
Jiba, 24/10/04
This version add Swedish translation. Thanks, Robin Rosenberg!
Jiba, 20/10/04
This version improves the README.
Jiba, 19/10/04
This version fixes some translation bugs.
Jiba, 16/10/04
Here is the final complete version of Slune ! HURRA !!!
It has been renamed 1.0.1 to avoid any confusion with the beta version 1.0a.
Jiba, 02/10/04
Here is a new beta version of Slune 1.0! This version now includes translation in english, german and italian, in addition to french.
Everyone is encouraged to test this version before the final 1.0.
Jiba, 21/08/04
Here is a beta version of Slune 1.0! It includes shadows, cell-shading, the end of the campaign (5 new missions) and new races. In addition, the difficulty level has been reviewed.
Everyone is encouraged to test this version before the final 1.0. For now, translation are not up-to-date, and only the original French language is complete.