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OpenInput as a free, open source, cross platform, and portable input handling library written in C.

The library can take input from several devices like mice, joysticks and keyboards, and presents it to the user using a simple, platform independent and easy-to-use API. Use one of the links below to find out more:

64 bit support now in SVN

Posted Tuesday December 4, 2007.

A trivial little fix has been submitted to SVN that allows OpenInput to be used on 64-bit machines (notably the amd64 architecture). And yes - what you saw here was the first update to this homepage and the project in more than a year. We're not completely dead!


Testers wanted!

Posted Saturday October 21, 2006.

The source code in the Subversion repository has had non-functional support for Microsoft DirectInput for quite some time now. We would really much like the code to be fully functional as soon as possible -- however, the OpenInput team almost exclusively use Linux/UNIX systems so we could use a fresh pair of eyes to go through the code and perform whatever arcane ritual that is required for making C code to work with DX9. So, if you know your way around the DirectInput API, please contact Jakob (or use the one of the mailing lists) and we can talk about what should be done.

We're really, really interested in completing the driver as soon as possible so any help is very much appriciated!

/ Jakob

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