My code was too messy. First I used four spaces to indent, then two, then I wanted to switch to tabs. It just was a big mess. I decided to look for something that could clean my code up. As I failed to find anything but got more and more into using regular expressions, I decided to make my own "code cleanup" software. As I was almost finished, a friend of mine mailed me this site, but I had already almost finished mine. As named cleanup software was not open source, the idea arouse that I could just release mine; PHPWasher was born!

Project page at Gna!.

Get PHPWasher!

Make your code readable again; wash it with PHPWasher! Requirements: PHP 5
Note: PHPWasher is not yet mature and is very likely to ruin your code at present time.

After downloading

If you are on Linux, you mostly can simply double-click on the package to extract it. On Windows, you might need a third-party program such as 7-Zip.
If you need support or have a question to ask, you can join the PHPWasher mailinglist. Don't worry, it's very low-traffic ;)