Pingwinek Project


Pingwinek is no more a linux and haiku distribution. Pingwinek is a project which provides over 2500 packages in the 'box' XML based format, and tools for packages management.


Pingwinek GNU/Haiku 0.1.0 is probably the first Haiku distribution. Beside the base Haiku system, it contains 40 packages ported from Pingwinek GNU/Linux distribution. It contains compiler (GCC 2.95.3), several simple games, SDL, Midnight Commander, ncurses. I've prepared several screenshots of the distribution working on a real hardware. The distribution can be downloaded in a three ways: QEMU image, VMWare image and LiveCD. The LiveCD boots slowly but the games work much better then running under QEMU or VMWare. The LiveCD contains a read only filesystem which could cause some problems. The distribution doesn't have an installer which could install system on a hard disk. I think that some people will be able to do that without it. The Haiku system is still in an alpha state, so please be forgiving. Every next release should be more stable. Have a lot of fun!

I'm proud to announce the 1.0preview4 of Pingwinek GNU/Linux codename 'Wedding'. This time only XL (LiveDVD) version is available for download. It contains kernel 2.6.18, glibc 2.5, gcc 4.1, GNOME 2.16, firefox/thunderbird 2, latest InitNG and over 1400 packages.

A new version of Pingwinek GNU/Linux 1.0preview4 codename Wedding! is expected to be out on Tuesday, October 17.

Release of stable version has been delayed and probably will be preceded by the next test release 1.0preview4.

Long awaited Pingwinek GNU/Linux 1.0preview3 codename 'Light' is ready! Many improvements have been made since preview2. A new boot system - InitNG, Xorg 7.0, kernel 2.6.15, udev 0.81, etcnet, Tango icons and new coldplug/hotplug!. Fast boot in the LiveCD, text mode in 0:34 and full login to GNOME since boot in even 1:25! There are two versions: L (LiveCD - recommended) which contains GNOME 2.12, Xfce 4.2 and XL (LiveDVD) which also contains latest Enlightenment 17 and Matchbox desktop environments and many other software.

You can get it from download page. Also a new LiveCD performance comparision is available.

I've added interesting LiveCD's performance comparision. Pingwinek LiveCD is quite fast! Please see at LiveCD performance comparision.

I'm happy to announce that Pingwinek GNU/Linux 1.0preview2 LiveCD is now available for download pgw-1.0preview2-live.i686.iso. There were fixed over 30 bugs, main changes are: new X autoconfiguration and support for Gnome System Tools (easy graphical configuration, e.g. network). For more information see in ChangeLog. You can post bugs at

I'm pleased to announce the 1.0preview1 of Pingwinek GNU/Linux LiveCD. Pingwinek is a modern independent distrubution. LiveCD contains GNOME 2.10 and XFCE 4.2 and full development libraries and headers (gcc 3.4.x). You can compile programs even using gtk+ on LiveCD! It uses squashfs and unionfs and contains over 2100MB of software! Enjoy! For more information see in ChangeLog. You can download ISO from Bugs you can be posted at

Development snapshot (20040718) of LiveCD edition is available! Enjoy! Download!

Pingwinek 1.0rc2 - After two months of hard working version 1.0rc2 is out! Many things were changed. You can see details in ChangeLog. The main changes are: full separation of LiveCD from other distribution CDs, newest GNOME 2.6.0, switching from XFree86 to X.Org with XLIBS, OpenOffice 1.1.1, kernel 2.6.5.