pita: a background, command-line music player
pita is a command-line music player written in python that runs in the background to stay out of your way. pita uses a variety of libraries (currently libvorbis and libmad) to play different sound formats. If you want a simple, unobtrusive music player without lots of bells and whistles (and gee-gaws and doohickies) this might be for you. If you want opengl waveform oscilloscope plugins to dance around the screen while you play Winger's greatest hits at top volume, you probably need something else.

First, you'll need python. Most reasonable systems will have this already. If you don't have it, you'll find that you're a better person for installing it. Honestly.

Second, you'll need pyxiph for vorbis playback as well as general audio device integration. These rely on other, non-python libraries, so follow their instructions to get them installed properly.

Third, you'll need pymad for mp3 playback. Again, pymad is a wrapper around libmad, so make sure you have all the right stuff installed.

Fourth, you'll need libextractor (esp. the python bindings) if you want pita to have access to file metadata. pita will run just fine without it, but all the cool kids are doing it.

Finally, if you want to run pitaweb, you'll need to install version 3 of CherryPy.
You can download pita at the gna download page.

  • 20070704 - Released v0.14. This includes pitastat and the beginnings of metadata support
  • 20061106 - Released v0.13. This includes an improved pitaweb, some bug fixes, some new features, and some general cleanup
  • 20061029 - Released v0.12. This includes the beginnings of pitaweb, a web client
  • 20060628 - Replaced the use of pyogg/vorbis/ao with pyxiph
  • 20060530 - Removed alsaplayer dependencies. Now we use pyogg/pyvorbis/pyao and pymad to play stuff. Basically, a total rewrite
  • 20060401 - Rewrote the whole thing in python
  • 20051028 - Revamped config system
  • 20051027 - Moved over to gna!
  • 20041220 - Released 0.99.76a
  • 20040823 - Added this web page