The ProjectManager Application

Welcome to the home page of ProjectManager, the alternative Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GNUstep. ProjectManager aims to provide a simple, but very usable development environment for all a programmer's everyday needs.

The latest released version is 0.2 (available from the Download Area), the currently developed version in SVN is 0.3. For a list of features, changes and a development roadmap please see Features.

Project News

1. June 2008

So, nearly two years later and still no 0.3 release... What's been going on? Well, it seems I've been so damn busy that I absolutely had no time to maintain PM. But don't despair, I do manage to occasionally put some time aside for PM, so please do check out the latest version on SVN and give it a try. I think I'll just change the roadmap and release it as 0.3 pretty soon, pushing features planned for 0.3 into 0.4. Just to signal PM isn't dead yet.

16. July 2006

After a longer period of change freeze, I'm releasing the Project Manager IDE, version 0.2. Let's hope this new release will get Project Manager a bit more attention.

09. July 2006

A new subproject has been added into the Project Manager SVN repository: the Highlighter Kit. It contains the syntax highlighter functionality of Project Manager split out into a separate framework. Also, the Project Manager app has been modified to make use of it.

Besides this making syntax highlighting easily accessible to other code/whatever editor projects, it ensures that all it's users use a unified highlighting style, since the syntax definition files are shared across Highlighter Kit using apps.

11. June 2006

The SVN repository has been significantly reorganized due to the fact that Project Manager is now a development suite, rather than just a single IDE. Currently the SVN repository contains the following sub-projects:

  • ProjectManager - the Project Manager application itself.
  • WizardKit - the WizardKit support framework needed by Project Manager.
  • plconv - a command line tool for converting between different property-list formats. Useful if you want to test deployment of your property-list (or keyed-archiver) based data storages in different formats.
  • KeyArcher - an application which allows you to peek inside a keyed archive (created with NSKeyedArchiver) and read it's contents. Useful for verifying your data storages or looking at the organization of unknown foreign formats.
4. May 2006

Due to continued CVS service outages and other repository problems at, the ProjectManager project HAS BEEN MOVED to Gna!. Aside from the source code repository being online again, this has other advantages, such as:

  • The source code resository is now managed by Subversion
  • The web pages are now managed in a CVS repository


21. Apr 2006

Alright, this is just unbearable.'s CVS services are still out of order. Until this is fixed, regularly updated snapshots of the CVS repository will be available at the following addresses:

  • Project Manager (Last updated: 2006-05-02 20:19 UTC)
  • Wizard Kit (Last updated: 2006-04-21 19:16 UTC)
19. Apr 2006

The CVS is back in sync with the latest development status and should be intact again. The Features page has changed considerably, as I've changed PM's plans for the future with the ever slipping schedule. Also, please note, that the CVS now includes WizardKit, the framework which provides wizard panel capabilities to PM 0.2 (currently being developed) and is therefore required for building PM.

6. Feb 2006

PM is currently passing through massive internal restructuring and refactoring in order to provide a flexible and extensible platform for the forseeable future. Currently I'm syncing these changes into CVS (which might take a few days) so please either use the stable release from the Downloads Page or use a CVS snapshot from before 4. Feb 2006. Until further notice, the latest CVS should be considered unusable.

23. Jan 2006

Released a sub-framework called WizardKit which was developed for use in ProjectManager. It is available from the Downloads Page.

22. Dec 2005

Released version 0.1.2. Important changes and additions:

  • Fixed many small annoying and big very annoying bugs.
  • Added support to reference files external to a project from within a project through the use of symbolic links.
  • Added full support for syntax highlighting on-the-fly. Syntax definitions are in property-list files and can be added or changed easily.
3. Dec 2005

Project's web just set up and it's still quite spartan, as I don't have the time to play around with, and instead prefer to invest that time in improving ProjectManager. However, there's already some screenshots available from the upcoming 0.2 version which is scheduled for a release within a week.

Also be sure not the miss any of the development demos showing ProjectManager in action :-) All these are recorded in Flash with audio, so make sure you turn on your speakers.