ProjectManager Application Screenshots

20. May 2006
Shows how 0.2's code editor allows for color customization - here I've been experimenting with a dark green background (is supposed to have a calming effect) with highlighting colors changed as well - you can also adjust the color of cursor crosshairs, guides, line and column markers, etc.
21. Apr 2006
The new subprojects manager module in PM 0.2. It allows grouping subprojects into hierarchical categories, largely removing the need to set up agregate inter-projects from projects with many subprojects.
The new file manager module in PM 0.2. Although it's been almost completely rewritten, most of it was cleanup work, plus a few refinements and bugfixes. Also, the code editor scored a few bugfixes and further performance improvements
The new builder module of PM 0.2. It allows for more generic build setups, and also displays build process notifications in the new Project Log area.
3. Dec 2005
Shows the code editor of 0.1.2 with syntax highlighting, matching parentheses highlighting, two guidelines dragged and with cursor crosshairs enabled. Of course, you can selectively disable all of these features, so you don't have to endure them all at the same time. :-)
This shows version 0.1.2's multi-tab project window.