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Welcome to the official Python IRC Server Home Page!

If you are new to pyIrcServer, please use the "Beginners" menu and visit its pages.

In this website you will find what you need to contribute and improve your own pyIS!
If you are an user of pyIrcServer, please visit this website everyday to see if there are new versions and then upgrade your server.

And now, let you try pyIrcServer and enjoy...

Because of the large amount of coding time that this project is going to need, i've to ask to all users and developers to give me any kind of support to let this project go on.
pyIrcServer is a very full featured project and it's unique in its genre. If you care about, please help me.

 pyIrcServer alpha RELEASED | 07 Jun 2005
Finally the new version of pyIrcServer has been released after a really stalled developing time. Here is the more important changes:
· Database interface to allow external real time updates
· XML configuration file
· Debugging messages for developers and testers
· Several important fixes for commands and socket operations
· New server-to-server protocol commands

Now try it and enjoy!
 LOTS of updates | 26 Feb 2005
Two month later, i'm glade to announce some of the new improvements made against pyIrcServer:
· First of all, you can find the XML configuration, which is more powerful and flexible than former
· The IRCd can now listen to multiple ports
· The command line option parser has been implemented. You can choose a different filename for your XML config.
· Added debugging informations for developers
· Several bug fixes
We have also updated the Features, Contact Us and Forum web pages

In this week i will restart updating the snapshot, and i'm going to make a base for the pyISAdmin (pyIrcServer Web Administration) through PostgreSQL.
After that, i'll release the new version of the IRCd and will start making oper and linking features.
 Development Status | 18 Jan 2005
Maybe you have seen that snapshots are not updated anymore. The cause is that i'm making an XML version of the configuration file and this requires an amount of changes on each file.
The purpose of this change is to give a simple format of the pyIS Config against users.

Although XML is the more readable and flexile format, i would like to create a graphical tool under console (for Linux) which makes the config file for you without touching XML!
 pyIS alpha FIX | 23 Dec 2004
We found a bad error just after releasing the new version of pyIS alpha, then we want you to patch your own pyIS to let it work fine.

Click here to get the patch and more informations about the bug now!
 pyIrcServer alpha RELEASED | 19 Dec 2004
As we promised in the previous news, we released the new alpha version of the pyIrcServer.
We made many features and fixed some bugs. The 0.0.3.x package has been discountinued because of the new improvements and updates for Python 2.4.x.

The most important things we changed are:
· First of all there's a simple implementation of link to servers and multiprotocols.
· Now you can add, remove and reload modules on the fly by using the /ENGINE command directly from IRC.
· The code has been cleaned and decorated to let developers make good looking scripts.