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last modified 2006-07-25


2006-07-25 : a new contributor is born !

And what a contributor : Jason Hildebrand provides pymserv new features and a debian package !

new features detail

these features are available in the CVS.

Debian package

According to Jason, you can find a debian package for pymserv in his personal repository at If you want to apt-get install it, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list

deb unstable/

2004-11-02 : big commit in the CVS

I made a big commit today in the CVS. It adds to PyMServ a browser window, to browse albums, tracks, and give rates.

I believe some bugs will come to me after this commit, I will make my best to fix them. I am realizing that I need to rewrite large parts of PyMServ to make it a little cleaner. I will try to use more Python properties and to rework the interface.

I also uploaded a few more screenshots, showing the console window and the browser window. See screenshots section

2004-10-08 : pymserv-0.1.1 is out !

One bug has been fixed : PyMServ was hanging when MServ played an unrated track.

See downloads section for instructions or pick it up here :

2004-10-06 : mailing list available

See section about for details.

2004-10-03 : initial publication

Today, PyMServ lands on, just look at the download section to grab it !

About PyMServ


PyMServ is a graphical client for mserv, a music server. It is written in python using pygtk and gconf to store prefs.

It is written by me, Nicolas Roman, from France. You can reach me at gnicolasr (at) gmail (dot) com. The PyMServ icon was made by a friend of mine, Olivier Boyer.


PyMServ is the first thing I made and would call "software", so please :

Mailing list

PyMServ has a mailing list. It's called pymserv-users, but you can post a message related to any subject (in touch with PyMserv of course). You can subscribe to this list at the PyMServ users list info page.


(Newest first) Click any image to get it full screen :

PyMServ's new browser window The new browser window introduced on Nov, 1st only in the CVS...
Using it, you can browse your albums and tracks, and, most important, rate tracks.
PyMServ's console window The new console window available only in CVS too...
It allows you to send text commands to mserv, as when using mserv "official" telnet client.
PyMServ not connected to server PyMServ started, but not connected to mserv
PyMServ connected to mserv playing a track PyMServ started and connected to mserv playing a track
PyMServ prefs window PyMServ showing preferences window


CVS access

You can check out PyMServ via CVS anonymous access. More detailled instructions are available at the PyMServ CVS page

Source tarballs

Source tarballs are available at PyMserv file repository page


Features / fixes to do on PyMServ before ...

Communication with MServ

User Interface