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The pysfst module contains Python bindings for the API of SFST, the Stuttgart Finite State Transducer Tools. The interface was generated using SWIG and is included in the distribution 1. SFST and pysfst are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

For a quick glance, visit the intro from the DocTest 2 suite covering the SFST features supported by pysfst.

Current version is 1.1.3 3.

For the list of known bugs, visit



  • gentoo linux
    Ebuilds for installing SFST and pysfst from source.
  • debian etch
    Pre-built source tree and i386 binary for the debian etch distribution.
  • windows/cygwin obsolete
    Pre-built source tree for gnu gcc and win32 binary for the cygwin Python distribution.


  1. The included files have been generated with the -O command line option which requires new-style classes introduced in Python-2.2. For use with an older version of Python, re-generate the interface using SWIG without it (but e.g. uses re features introduced in Python 2.4, so you will need to adjust the interface code anyway).
  2. The test runner uses the handy DocFileSuite class which was introduced in Python-2.4.
  3. The version numbering scheme is major.minor.revision
    major.minor equals to the SFST version for this pysfst version
    revision is the pysfst version for the given SFST version

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