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Last update: 06/06/08

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Calendar_tk is a kind of bloc note referenced to a calendar with 3 month:

All the day in the calendar are linked to a day page of the bloc note.

All the notes you take in the bloc note are referenced in an index.

All the tasks you enter in the days pages are also referenced in a task's index. if you mark a task as done the task is erased of the task index.

There is a nice search function to match easily a note or anything in any buffer.

Calcul are also possible in the entry widget.

The files and urls are linked to any external program you like

If you use ledger (command line finance program) you can have a summary view of your bank account:

(I will add more features)

Calendar_tk work on all unix/linux, it should work on window os but no effort have been done

and will be done to make it working.


Search-mode in Notes-index

Last Version:


You can get it here:


or if you want the last svn:(you need subversion installed on your system)

1) developpement version:

svn co your_dir

2) Stable version:

svn co your_dir


06/06/2008 Version 1.3 add an installer (

12/27/2007 Version 1.1 is available for download

12/15/2007 Some cool changes have been done, try the svn

Version 1.0 is available for download


1) download the tarball (you can verify it with the sig file and gpg)

2) put the tarball where you want and:

tar zxvf the_tarball

cd calendar_tk-1.? (or for last versions python-calendar-1.?)

3) edit .calendar.cfg and modify it.

4) Run as root:

python install

5) Run now /usr/local/bin/

NOTE: if you prefer, you can put .calendar.cfg in your home directory for a per user usage.

in this case, the settings in /usr/local/etc will be overhidden.

Get started

You can start adding notes and tasks to your days pages.

Syntax for a note:

.#1 My new note

Syntax for a task:

#T_my new task

You can then go in the task and notes windows to see the tasks and notes added.

When a task is done mark it like that:(with a D)

#TDmy task

All the days pages are saved when you move to another page or you quit.

Syntax for a cyclic task:

The cyclic task have to be added in the cyclic task page.

You can access to this page with the cyclic button.

The tasks must have this form:

lundi@#C_My task

12@#C_My task

Note: I will give the possibility to write the days of the week in english soon,

sorry for the delay.

Move in the calendar:

Use the left and right arrows.


Some Math:

Having links to external programs from days pages:

If you write anywhere in a day page a path to a file or url

it will be tagged when save in:

It will be linked to an external program if you have a ~/.mailcap file

well configured.

For files if you are an emacs user and have an $EDITOR set to emacsclient

You will be linked in emacs :)

Here an example of ~/.mailcap:

image/jpeg; showpicture -viewer display %s
image/*; showpicture -viewer display %s
text/html; firefox %s
application/xml; firefox %s
text/xml; firefox %s
text/plain ; $EDITOR %s
text/* ; $EDITOR %s
application/pdf; xpdf %s
application/ogg ; ogg123 %s
audio/x-wav ; aplay %s
audio/mpeg ; mpg321 %s
audio/*; showaudio %s
video/x-msvideo; mplayer %s
video/quicktime; mplayer %s
application/postscript; gv %s

(Showpicture is in the metamail package)

Check the doc of your system for more details.