Quarry Version History

This page contains the full version history of Quarry in reversed chronological order. Links from version numbers are to corresponding release announcements.

Latest versions are available for download as source tarballs. All versions are also available through anonymous SVN. You can check the sources out (see instructions on how to do that) or browse them on-line.

0.2 Stable Branch

Development Versions Before 0.2

  • Quarry 0.1.20, released 29 October 2006. Many bug-fixes and significantly expanded manual. This version is a preparation for 0.2.0.

  • Quarry 0.1.19, released 16 July 2006. A bug-fix version for 0.1.18.

  • Quarry 0.1.18, released 14 July 2006. Fully working undo/redo history and standard clipboard commands for subtrees. This version crashes in Polish locale, use 0.1.19.

  • Quarry 0.1.17, released 9 March 2006. More commands for SGF editing and tooltips for the game tree view.

  • Quarry 0.1.16, released 30 October 2005. First version that can be considered an SGF editor. Behavior of undo history with regard to comments is still far from perfect, though. Two screen shots are available.

  • Quarry 0.1.15, released 17 June 2005. Many new commands for editing game records (SGF.) Still not a proper editor, but much closer to it than before.

  • Quarry 0.1.14, released 14 March 2005. Closes two bugs in 0.1.13, one of them severe.

  • Quarry 0.1.13, released 13 March 2005. Supports game adjourning/resuming. First version that doesn’t warn about potential information loss on saving, because it must not lose any information. This version is buggy, use 0.1.14.

  • Quarry 0.1.12, released 15 January 2005. Closes a quite oftenly occuring crashing bug in 0.1.11.

  • Quarry 0.1.11, released 6 January 2005. Introduces CGoban-style game tree view. Two screen shots are available. This version contains a serious bug, use 0.1.12 instead.

  • Quarry 0.1.10, released 30 November 2004. Text search in comments and other features.

  • Quarry 0.1.9, released 14 October 2004. A bug-fix version.

  • Quarry 0.1.8, released 14 October 2004. Quite a lot of new features. First version to have real documentation. This version has a bug that can cause error during compilation. Use 0.1.9 instead.

  • Quarry 0.1.7, released 28 August 2004. Has a lot of new features.

  • Quarry 0.1.6, released 15 August 2004. Doesn’t have any major new features, but rather a set of many small ones. This is the first version available for download.

  • Quarry 0.1.5, released 20 Jule 2004. The main new feature of this version is time control. Two screen shots are available.

  • Quarry 0.1.4, released 13 May 2004. A bug-fix version.

  • Quarry 0.1.3, released 12 May 2004 with support for game rules and scoring of Go games. This version contains a very severe bug. Use 0.1.4 instead.

  • Quarry 0.1.2, released 21 April 2004. Includes support for saving SGF files.

  • Quarry 0.1.1, tagged in CVS on 13 April 2004, when the project was registered on Gna! Was not “released” otherwise or announced. A screen shot of this version is available.

Earlier development took place in 2003 and 2004 privately. Some copies were given to certain people, but Quarry was not generally available.