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This page obviously lacks contents. Meanwhile, if you have decided to try Quarry out, be sure to download GNU Go too. As far as I know, it is the only strong Go engine that supports GTP and so the only that you can play against with Quarry.

If you know any free software game engines that support GTP and are not listed here, please drop a link to quarry-dev@gna.org.

Free Engines Playing Go

  • GNU Go — a strong Go program by Free Software Foundation.

Free Engines Playing Reversi

  • GRhino — a strong program by Kriang Lerdsuwanakij. It has its own graphical interface, but also supports GTP, so you can use it with Quarry too.

Other Free GUI Programs for Go

Quarry’s current major downside is the lack of any support for playing on the Internet, or over any network, for that matter. Therefore you might be interested in other, more mature GUI programs. Here are some links that you can try. Note that all the programs listed here support only Go and not other games.

  • qGo, a client for IGS and GTP programs, SGF viewer and editor. An actively developed program.

  • GoGui by Markus Enzenberger. A GUI for GTP programs with many features useful for Go engine developers.

  • JagoClient by René Grothmann. Written in Java and therefore portable. Doesn’t support GTP, but uses an older Go Modem Protocol. Development is very slow, but it is still pretty usable.