author: Robert Gloeckner and others (see source-files), language Tcl/Tk, OS independent, licence GPL2 or newer, see for details.

This should become a place for interchanging ideas/code with other Tcl/Tk hackers/beginners. The idea is to share small reusable modular scripts for GUI purpose. If you have some small modules you would like to share, submit your code or become member of the group.
If you see a bug or bad style in our code, please tell us - we like to improve our skills.
Main Page of Tclittle : downloads, public area (support), browse CVS, submit patches, watch tasks ...
And now some screenshots ... ;O)


A resizeable txted-modul with scrollbars, multiple instances


A resizeable piping-modul to controll command-line tools, multiple use is possible ...