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What's is VBR?

Throughout a song there are points that require high quality and points that require low quality(i.e. silence). Instead of having the whole file at one quality: VBR(Variable Bit Rate) provides us with a variable quality within the file. This allows us to more efficiently use the file space. The problem is that many MP3 playing programs estimate the time of a MP3 based on the first bitrate they find and the file size. Also, when jumping through a file the positions aren't the same - half way through a VBR mp3 may not be half way through the song. Ogg Vorbis is a more advanced free music format and uses VBR as default without problem.

What's VBRFix for?

VBR MP3s often have a special tag at the beginning to inform the player about how to treat the VBR file. VBRFix can create/replace this special tag. It can also be used to remove unrecognised data from the mp3 and spot other problems.


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WARNING : I haven't tested any of the executables for virus infections. As far as I know there is no problem but to be extra safe you should check all executables before running them, or be really safe and compile it yourself (if its the open source version).
All of these versions have not been tested on mpeg 2.5
QT Open Source version
In theory can be built on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
If you find the versioning system confusing, that's because it is. v0.3 and onwards (GPL QT) is the newest.
For source code go to Development Home Page
QT GPL 0.32 (win32) (latest version, experimental)
QT GPL 0.31 (win32) (fairly new)
QT GPL 0.30 (win32) (recommended version)
QT GPL v1K (win32)
QT GPL v1G (win32)
There is a much older visual basic version that should be available somewhere on the internet, I strongly recommend using the GPL version.