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WISIRC is officially born the XXXX, it has been created by ancient micro-electronic students from ISIM all sharing the same passion for robotics and/or Open Source initiative(s).
Most of the WISIRC's team have participated to the french "coupe E=M6"
The french and european robotic cups are organized by the 6th french TV channel "M6", and by a french robotic association "ANSTJ"/"secteur robotique".

Our goal is to participate to (and to win:) these robotic cups with a full featured/gadjet-enable robot.
Moreover WISIRC's robot will be a 100% open design, all software are realeased under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and all electronics design, mecanics plan and docmentations are plublished under the term of the GNU Free Documentation License.

If you want to contribute, please let us know! Send email to wisirc[AT]tuxfamily[DOT]org.

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