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The tiny table of contents

1   What is WkCMake?

An easy-to-use portable C++ Build Framework. It s possible to make your cross-platform C++ building life much easier, just by making few simple and sensible assumptions such as :

  • The project hierarchy is similar in all projects
  • Your own development work is happening on one main target at a time.
  • You will build your different libraies before including them in other projects
  • You want to test them and document them without bothering about all the side tools you need
  • You prefer to rerun cmake, than modify lists of source files everytime you change the structure of your code
  • you want your dependencies to be added where needed, automatically whenever it s possible.

2   What does it do?

WkCMake gives you a few very useful features and make your life easier by :

  • Making your project start easier,
  • Greatly simplifying your build scripts,
  • Simple test builds and run ( CppUnit to come )
  • Automatic Source Code formatting with astyle
  • Automatic Documentation generation with doxygen
  • Automatic dependency detection and propagation
  • Automatically detecting memory leaks ( to come )
  • Simplifying profiler builds and usage ( to come )
  • Simplifying installer routines ( to come )
  • Simpler multi-platform packaging ( to come )

3   How is it made?

WkCMake heavily depends on CMake, and a few other optional tools such as doxygen, astyle, etc. It s a set of CMake scripts you need to include in your CMakeLists.txt to make your cmake buil scripts even easier. A non exhaustive list of scripts :

  • WkCMake : Main script, you need to include it and call WkCMakeDir() to define where your WkCMake distribution is located. Everything you need for basic builds will be automatically included and configured
  • WkBuild : Script containing building macros ( and dependency inclusion for compilation )
  • WkLink : Script containint linking macros ( and dependency inclusion for linkage )
  • Even more stuff...

4   Great - Where should I start ?

WkCMake is very easy to start with, just have a look at ours tutorials and start a new simple projects. You can also have a lok at our tests projects and the reference documentation to have a closer look at how it s actually done under the hood If you want to participate in any way - we especially need lots of testers on a wide set of platforms, and people keen to integrate new useful tools in the build process - feel free to have a look at the project page at GNA : https://gna.org/projects/wkcmake/ We always welcome new members, and other CMake addicts ;)

5   Tutorials

5.1   Simple Tutorial

What you Need to know and use for a quick start: Simple Tutorial

5.2   Advanced Tutorial

A full and complete tutorial that covers almost everything you can use: Advanced Tutorial

6   Reference

Complete scripts reference.

Authors:Alexandre VINCENT asmodehn