The zyn project main goal is to extract synth engines from ZynAddSubFX and pack them in LV2 plugin format. Resulting plugins are heavily based on work made by Nasca Octavian Paul. If you like the amazing sounds these plugins generate you should thank Paul for this.

Project goals:

To allow exposure of all engine functionality, LV2 dynparam extension has been created. zynjacku host was created to expose the rich plugin functionality to user. Codebase has been (is being) heavily modified to meet new software architecture, while preserving the genuine sound generation algorithms implemented in ZynAddSubFX.

zynjacku generated UI for zynadd as of Februrary 10th, 2007:

Get it

Latest version is 1.
You can download source code tarball from here.
If you want to use this software you can use package management system:
You can also checkout source code from the GIT repository:

This project is hosted by Gna!. Gna! project page is here.