zynjacku is JACK based, GTK (2.x) host for LV2 synths. It has one JACK MIDI input port (routed to all hosted synths) and one (two for stereo synths) JACK audio output port per plugin. Such design provides multi-timbral sound by running several synth plugins.

zynjacku is a nunchaku weapon for JACK audio synthesis. You have solid parts for synthesis itself and you have flexible part that allows synthesis to suit your needs.

lv2rack is a host for LV2 effect plugins.

Project goals:

Other ideas: lv2rack goals:

Synth plugin UI generated for zynadd as of February 10th, 2007:

zynjacku, as of February 21th, 2007, producing muti-timbral sounds, zynadd and AZR-3 outputs are mixed by jack_mixer:

lv2rack, as of November 29th, 2008, displaying Calf Compressor plugin UI on edogawa's desktop:

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Latest version is 6.
You can download source code tarball from here.
If you want to use this software you can use a package management system:
You can also get source code from the repo.or.cz GIT repository:

This project is hosted by Gna!. Gna! project page is here.